Following a few mentions recently, Awards for All is being updated as of 6 July 2017. As part of this, this funding will be renamed as National Lottery Awards for All Scotland.

There will be a new application process (along with a new form and guidance notes) which is more customer friendly. There will be fewer application questions so it should be quicker to complete. Successful organisations will receive funding more quickly. A payment will be made within two weeks of receiving notification of being successful.

What other changes/differences will there be?


  • New minimum request – funding can be for between £300 and £10,000 (rather than £500 to £10,000).
  • If an application is successful, the organisation will receive an unconditional offer. Currently it is a conditional offer. This means some more information will be asked for upfront. These are to submit a bank statement and signature (scanned/photo or post them).
  • The ‘£75,000 land/building rule’ is being removed. There will in turn be no total project cost limit when an organisation applies for land and/or building work.
  • New organisations (no more than 15 months) don’t need to give a financial projection. On the application form they can put ‘0’.
  • Only two unrelated committee/board members are needed. Currently at least three unrelated members are necessary.
  • We can now be flexible on projects running for slightly longer than 12 months.
  • Second hand vehicles will now be considered.
  • The main application contact can now be 16 plus (the legal contact still have to be 18 plus).
  • A landline phone number will no longer be needed/preferred.


Other details to be aware of

The current application form will only now only be accepted until 7 August 2017. If you know of groups who are thinking of applying, please let them know about this, or, they should download the new application form (as of 6 July 2017).

National Lottery Awards for All Scotland will continue to fund the same projects as Awards for Scotland. Creative Scotland and sportscotland remain part of this funding.

As always, if you want to check anything please get in touch with me.



Steven Shanahan

Communications Officer

0141 242 1434


Pacific House, 70 Wellington Street, GLASGOW G2 6UA

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