Performance Management Group


Our aim is to utilise the ICF over 3 years (2015-18) to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals through a more preventative approach to healthcare, with particular focus supporting adults with more than one health condition and on tackling inequalities.

We attended the meeting of ICF PMG on the 20th December 2016 in our role as the Interface for Argyll & Bute. 

The key points discussed and arising from this meeting were:

 The report from the Collaboration, Co-production & Communities is ready for circulation and will be sent to all those who attended.  This report will be taken as an agenda item to each of the LPGs in February and chairs of LPGs will be asked to talk to their local TSI rep about how they can best support further engagement from the wider third sector.

 The group are keen to use impact stories to promote the positive stories that have resulted from ICF funding.  Each project will be asked to submit an impact story that can be used in their local press.

 ICF Funding Allocation decisions have been made, some conversations are still required between groups and commissioning but there was a feeling that more partnership working was achieved and more 3rd sector groups were successful in receiving funding, a press release containing details of those allocations has been drafted.  The TSI will circulate copies of this out to the wider sector.

If anyone has any questions about this meeting do please contact us on …01436 671613.  We will publish a link to the minutes, or place them on this website as soon as they are available.

 Katrina Sayer