A&B’s Children


The Argyll and Bute vision commits partners across Argyll and Bute to ‘Work together to achieve the best for children, young people and families.’ In order to achieve this vision the Integrated Children and Young People’s Service Plan for 2014-17 sits within the ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ (GIRFEC) framework and is the principal document underpinning the work of partners within Outcome 4 of the SOA. This ensures that the outcomes we wish to achieve are linked with the relevant National Performance Framework (NPF) outcomes, which are:
Our children have the best start in life to enable them to become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Effective contributors
  • Responsible citizens; and
  • We continue to improve the life chances for children, young people and families at risk.


The principal remit of Argyll and Bute’s Children is:

  • The commissioning, publication, reviewing and monitoring of Argyll and Bute’s Integrated Children’s Services Plan;
  • Strategic overview for children’s services including the effective implementation of GIRFEC practice model and the inspection methodologies for Community Planning Partners;
  • Ensuring consistent development of good quality services that meet local needs through sub groups;
  • Maintain oversight for the wider work associated to Argyll & Bute’s Children, and
  • Ongoing self-evaluation and continuous improvement activity